Tuesday’s Word: trust

trust (n):  reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of a person or thing

trust (v):  to commit or consign with confidence

entrust (v):  put something into someone’s care or protection

While I do keep a list of words that I might want to talk about here someday, it isn’t prioritized or scheduled in any way. What I write in any given week is what is foremost on my mind, what is resonating with me in an especially meaningful way at the time.

Right now, trust occupies that place. I’m facing some uncertainties, and it is hard to keep anxiety at bay. A few dear friends are walking through this time with me, reminding me to breathe, encouraging me to trust in the One who holds us all in his hands.

I need to remember – at times like this, at all times – that although I often feel instinctively whether I can trust a person I’ve just met, trust is not just an instinct, not a feeling.

Trust is based upon knowledge of the character of the One upon whom I rely: it is an intellectual assent, based upon evidence and experience, to his integrity, strength, and ability to do what is good and right – what is best – for me. Regardless of how I feel, I can entrust my health, my safety, my fears, my dreams, my future into his protection in confidence that He will lovingly care for me.


Tuesday’s Word: patience

Patience (n):  (1) the capacity to accept or tolerate delay,
trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset; (2) the
capacity, habit, or fact of being patient.

Patient (adj): (1) able to remain calm and not become
annoyed when waiting for a long time or when dealing with
problems or difficult people; (2) done in a careful way over
a long period of time without hurrying

Patience is not, as many seem to believe, simply resignation, not an attitude of putting up with one’s circumstances because there’s no choice anyway.  That way lies despair.

Patience, I believe, is composed of elements of faith, trust, and hope.  It is founded on an understanding that Someone greater than myself is responsible for my life, that He is aware of my situation and walks through it with me, and that He is bringing me in His best timing to the place I truly belong.

‘Patience is not acquiescence, or perpetual placidity…
Patience must be rooted in an overarching confidence that
there is Someone in control of this universe, our world, and
our life…A patient person knows the shortness of time and
the length of eternity.’ ~ Lloyd John Ogilvie

A Mother’s Prayer

image by Rebekah Choat

image by Rebekah Choat

This prayer was written three years ago, during a time when
my nearly-grown twin sons were in severe crisis, a dark time
of fear and sorrow and helplessness. I offer it today on behalf
of other parents in similar circumstances.

O Lord, help me to realize and remember that, much as I love and cherish and agonize over my children, You love and cherish them so much more than I can begin to comprehend.

You suffered agony for them beyond my imagining. You made them before I ever bore them in my body. You earnestly desire their eternal good – and You have both the understanding of what that is and the ability to bring it about.

Help me day by day, moment by moment, to entrust them into Your hands. I give them, again, into Your care, heavenly Father, asking that the angels have charge over them, to guide them in health and wholeness, in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son.  Amen.

~ Rebekah Choat

Thoughts for the journey

image copyright Rebekah Choat, 2013

image copyright Rebekah Choat, 2013

Remember when you were a very little child, going on a trip with your parents?  You had no conception of how to drive a car, often no clear idea of where you were going, no understanding of how long it was going to take, and absolutely no sense of how to get there.  And it didn’t even occur to you that you didn’t know those things.  You simply trusted, without realizing it, in the love and skill and knowledge of the ones who had appointed the journey.  1 John 5:19 – “We know that we are children of God…”