The Fortune-Teller’s Warning



image by Rebekah Choat

You will meet a handsome stranger;
say no more than is required.
Always be alert to danger;
one small spark can kindle fire.

Put no trust in smiling faces;
watch the flicker in the eyes.
Don’t be charmed by social graces;
laughing lips may yet tell lies.

Feed your letters to the blue flame;
yield your birthmark to the knife.
You must not reveal your true name;
in it lies the power of life.

Set your heart upon the straight way;
keep your eyes trained on the light.
Never turn aside from clear day
for a creature of the night.

One I know once met a Changer
riding as a fair esquire…
You will meet a handsome stranger;
say no more than is required.

~ Rebekah Choat



All I Know

I’ve answered many questions, “I don’t know”:
why birds can safely perch on power lines,
what makes the sky blue and the wind to blow,
how rain can fall sometimes while the sun shines;

and many mysteries elude me still:
why some loves last and others fade away,
the intersection of desire and will,
how eyes communicate what words can’t say.

I cannot fathom how the rivers run,
nor what the gull is crying to the sea,
nor where the hours go when they are done,
nor who I am that you should care for me.

The only thing I’m certain of to tell
is: all I am is yours and it is well.

~ Rebekah Choat