Here I Begin Again

All Nine

Since Kelly announced the theme for this month’s musings, I’ve been thinking about the words that signal new beginnings: “I present to you the graduating class of 2014.”  “I do.” “SOLD.”  “It’s a girl!” These are joyful, often long-anticipated, celebratory occasions. But sometimes, the places of starting over are marked by words that sound remarkably like endings: “We’re downsizing – letting you go.”  “This isn’t working anymore.” “We can treat the symptoms, but there’s no cure.” The earth crumbles under our feet. Gravity reverses. We can’t possibly go on – but we do, because we must. We gradually remember how to speak, figure out which way is up, learn how to walk again.

Image by Brad Harrison via Image by Brad Harrison via

The stars black out.
The world spins crazily,
and I shut my eyes tight
and hold on, just hold on,
until it slows and steadies again.
I breathe deep, find my…

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