National Poetry Month, 4 – 6

NaPoWriMo 4.1 – Unfortunate Conflict of Interest

It makes perfect sense;
however, my heart simply
will not come to terms.

NaPoWriMo 4.2 – A Fine Disregard for Awkward Facts

A lady does well,
I was taught, to learn not to
notice certain things.

NaPoWriMo 5 – a cinquain

Brahms and
birdsong mingle
through the summer screen door
serenading lavender and

NaPoWriMo 6 – a valediction

My calendar says
it’s thirteen years, yesterday,
since you went away

but I’m sure I heard
your voice just now in the still
of early morning.

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month, 4 – 6

  1. I found your blog on the NaPoWriMo site, and I’m so glad that I did. I love these short poems. You say so much in such a small space.

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